School Dress Policy 

As a primary school catering for children between the ages of four to twelve, Swords Educate Together National School has created and aims to maintain a child-friendly learning environment, where all pupils are free to pass through the various stages of their development without any unnecessary pressures. 
The Board appreciates that, through their chosen attire, pupils may express their individuality and confidence. However, we request that all Parents/Guardians ensure that the clothing their children wear to SETNS comply with the following guidelines. 
Clothing worn by pupils should be appropriate to an environment shared by children of primary school age. For example, crop/bikini and off-the-shoulder tops are not suitable school wear. The wearing of slogans, which could cause offence to other members of the school community must be avoided. Children should wear clothing that fits comfortably, neither too small nor too big. Low cut hipsters are not considered appropriate. Pupils should not wear make-up to school. Hair spray is prohibited on health and safety/allergy grounds. 
In the interest of health and safety, children should wear appropriate sports wear and runners to school on those days when their class has a timetabled PE session. 
Attire worn to school throughout the week should always allow pupils to play actively and safely in the yard. Physical exertion at break times is an integral part of the school day and a student’s mode of dress should not inhibit them from fully participating in normal childhood games; thus items such as very wide/very long trousers and shoes/boots with elevated heels should not be worn. Flip-flops are particularly unsafe and should not be worn. Heeleys are never allowed in school. Shoe Laces must be securely tied at all times. This is a health and safety matter. 
Jewellery is not a safe item to wear to school. Necklaces, chains and long earrings may all be pulled, accidentally or otherwise, whilst the wearing of large rings, brooches or badges could pose a risk (again accidentally or otherwise) to fellow pupils. 
Parental/Guardian support is necessary and greatly appreciated. 
This policy will be reviewed from time to time and as appropriate. 
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