Code of Good Professional Practice 

In the event of a child disclosing information, indicating child abuse, the teacher reassures the child that s/he has been very brave in sharing this information and that s/he has done the right thing. 
The teacher informs the child that s/he (the teacher) cannot keep the information a secret and that this information will need to be shared with other people who can help. 
The teacher records the information, as given by the child, using direct quotes when possible. ONLY facts are recorded. The record is dated and signed by the teacher. 
The teacher, at his/her earliest opportunity, communicates the disclosure to the DLP (Designated Liason Person) or the Deputy DLP, Principal Teacher and Deputy Principal respectively. The teacher supports his/her verbal/verbatim account of the child’s disclosure with the written report referred to in 3 above. A written record of this information handover is made by the teacher in the DLP’s/Principal’s office. 
Following receipt of the disclosure from the teacher concerned, the DLP will follow the appropriate steps as outlined in Department of Education and Science Child Protection: Guidelines and Procedures. 
Confidentiality, as appropriate, applies in all instances. 
Note: In instances as described above, as in all Teacher/Staff Member-Pupil Contact, no teacher/staff member meets with/deals with a child in isolation from other children/staff members. This is school policy. 
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