Snow Plan 2012

Snow Action Plan for Parents/Guardians

In advance of a Snowfall:

  • As Text-a-parent will be the primary means of communication in case of heavy Snowfalls please ensure that your text-a-parent contact is updated, if necessary check with the school office (mornings 8.30-9.30am).
  • Please observe the cones and tape markings as they are placed strategically for the health and safety of pupils, parents/guardians and staff.
  • Please ensure that you have back-up arrangements in place for the care of children should there be a school closure.
  • Please ensure that you and your children adhere to safety precautions and follow procedures in the event of a heavy snowfall

1. Cars not allowed to enter campus in morning or after school
2. Do not throw snowballs (may contain stones/cause injury)
3. Do not slide on frost or snow paths/yard areas
4. Children to enter the school hall through front reception area from 8.20. The will be no access to the rear of the school on such days. Children will then be brought to class at 8.30 am.

Day of Heavy Snowfall:

If opening, caretakers and volunteers will clear and spread Salt on campus paths to front door of school entrance. There will be No Access to rear of school.

If school is to be closed, parents will be contacted via Text-a-parent service before 8.00 a.m. (or as soon as decision has been made).

A message will be left on the school answering machine.

Emergency Closure during the School Day due to Severe Snowfall:

  • In the event of an emergency closure during the day due to severe snowfall, parents will be contacted via the text-a-parent service and staff will remain with children until collected.
  • Text-a-parent notice will advise parents/guardians that they may collect children earlier than 2.10pm. This will help to stagger traffic and pupil collection throughout the afternoon.
  • Pupils with siblings in Junior Infants/Senior Infants will be allowed go home at 1.10pm.
  • Making Decisions for the following School Day:
  • If reasonable to do so, a decision will be made, in consultation with the Chairperson BOM, based on weather reports from local radio stations, Met. Eireann and local assessment of the safety implications of opening/closing the school.
  • Otherwise the steps as outlined above will be followed.

School closure will be the last resort. Every effort will be made to keep the school open at all times but the safety and welfare of the pupils, staff and parents/guardians will be paramount in making any decision.

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