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Enrolment/Admissions Policy

As directed by the Department of Education and Skills and our Patron, Educate Together, the Board of Management are currently reviewing our “First Come First Served” Enrolment Policy. The Board of Management have asked for your understanding in undertaking this process and are currently gathering information and advice. 

The first come first served process will continue for the 2019/20 school year but will change over the coming years. The Board will communicate any changes made in due  course. We are advising parents to continue to pre-enrol your child through our website while being mindful that the current admission/enrolment policy procedures must change before 2024, as directed by the Department of Education and Skills. 

Board of Management, April 2019

The school’s Enrolment/Admissions Policy is first come-first served. Parents are advised to enrol children at the earliest possible time as there are no special arrangements for siblings.

Please complete this online form and submit to our Enrolment Officer to put your child’s name down for a place at Swords Educate Together.

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