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Green Team 2017 – 2018

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The Green Team is delighted to announce that we had two worthy winners in the Fingal County Council Environmental Awareness Competition in December Sean Graham and Freya Berg in Bronagh’s 3rd class. They received a voucher for €150.00 each to be spent on the school environs. The Green Team visited Woodies on the 24th January and had a wonderful time spending the vouchers.

SETNS have applied for their 5th Green Flag  – theme Biodiversity. The Green Code for this flag is Birds, Bees, Bugs Is Our Dream (Biodiversity). The children in the school have been learning how important it is that we provide lots of flowers, plants, shrubs, vegetables and fruits for our birds, bees and bugs.

Thank you for helping to look after our precious planet.

Bronagh, Marie and the Green Team.


Green Team 2015-2016


Meet the Green Team for 2015 / 2016

Name Class Teacher
Cara Mooney Junior Infants Orla
Adam Butler Junior Infants Eibh
Ruby Morgan Senior Infants Deirdre
Emma Zhang Senior Infants Irene
Nia Carter 1st Class Sarah/Linda
Aoife Fitzpatrick 1st Class Fiona
Johnny Markham 2nd Class Helen
Mikolai Grabowicz 2ND Class Emma
Jessica Clemenson 3rd Class Bronagh
Alex Fitzsimons 3rd Class Rosemary
Adam Murtagh 4th Class Louise
Sam Fagan 4th Class Sorcha
Ian Dwyer 5th Class Claire
Emma Reilly 5th Class Aoife
Liam Adams 6th Class Teresa
Isobel Kelly 6th Class Tommy


The Golden Boot Awards are a great success at SETNS! Each Green Team member encourages his/her class to walk/cycle/scoot to school (especially on a Tuesday). Classes that have the greatest number of children walking/cycling from Andrew (the lollipop man) or from home are awarded the Golden Boot for the week.  


The Green Code for our 4th Green Flag Travel/Transport is Be Cool Walk to School – Less Cars More Handle Bars.

The other Green Codes that we use here at SETNS are as follows;

1)      Litter and Waste Flag  1  – Simple Wrappings On Really Delicious Sandwiches (Swords)

2)      Energy Flag 2 – Save Energy Today Never Stop (SETNS)

3)      Water Flag 3 – We Are Trying to save Every Raindrop (Water)

The message that the Green Team wish to convey to all in SETNS and the wider community is: even the smallest environmental change we make, can help protect our precious planet. So let’s all join together and help our beautiful planet!


Green Team 2014 – 2015  

April 2015 

Action Day – Travel/Transport – Green Team

Our Action Day held last Friday 24th April 2015 was an outstanding success! Thank you to all our facilitators/coaches whose generosity enabled such a fantastic day. Every class in the school from Junior Infants to 6th class was involved in at least one fun filled activity. Thank you to all the staff and teachers whose cooperation ensured the smooth running of a superb day.

Thank you also to the parents/guardians who all got into the “green spirit” and participated in the TOF (Trot on Friday) and exercises on the yard with Eva at 8.30 am!

A special word of thanks to Anna Marie and Angie (parent representatives on the Green Team) for all their help throughout the day, meeting and greeting and looking after all the facilitators.

The important message from this wonderful day is our Green Code “Less cars more handlebars – Be cool walk to school!”. Any environmentally friendly mode of transport helps our precious planet. With the weather improving (well hopefully) we encourage as many children as possible to walk, scoot, cycle, car pool or bus it to school.

Green Team, Marie and Bronagh  

February 2015

Walkability Survey at SETNS

Sandra from An Taisce visited SETNS on 12th February and carried out a Walkability Survey with Green Team members (2nd – 6th), Bronagh and Angie (parent of Jude and Liam). The results and recommendations from the survey will be passed on to both An Taisce and the National Road Authority.

Trot on Tuesday – TOT

The TOT’s are going extremely well and it’s so lovely to see all the children, parents, grandparents and guardians trotting up the hill to school. The next TOT will take place on 24th February 2015. So why not join us – it’s great fun, free and healthy! Meeting place  – Bunbury Gate, time  – 8.15 am.


January 2015

Happy New Year to one and all. SETNS launched their Travel Flag activites on Tuesday 13th January 2015 with TOT. TOT stands for Trot on Tuesday! At 8.15am Marie, Angie, Anna Marie and Bronagh met children, parents/guardians and teachers at the pedestrian crossing beside Andrew the lollipop man for our trot up the hill to school!

Watch out for more TOT days coming soon!

Angie, Anna Marie, Bronagh and Marie














October 2014: Green Flag 4: Travel / Transport

                 Green Team Committee :

Green Team October 2014




Junior Infants


Ruby Morgan

Junior Infants


Louie Twomey

Senior Infants


Nia Carter

Senior Infants


Aoife Fitzpatrick

1st Class


Johnny Markham

1st Class


Mikolaj Grabowicz

2nd Class

Claire T

Jessica Clemenson

2nd Class


Alex Fitzsimons

3rd Class


Adam Murtagh

3rd Class

Claire O’

Sam Fagan

4th Class


Ian Dwyer

4th Class


Emma Reilly

5th Class


Clara Fuentes

5th Class


Isobel Kelly

6th Class


Saoirse Fitzgerald

6th Class


Ella Fitzsimons

September 2014: Official Unveiling of Third Green Flag for SETNS







On the 18th September 2014, SETNS welcomed the Defence Forces Number 1 Army Band to help celebrate and unveil our Third Green Flag – theme Water. Alison Gilliland (former teacher) officially unveiled the flag with the help of Tom Crossan and Reuben Murphy (from Senior Infant and members of Green Team).

The Green Team was dressed in yellow t-shirts, blue wigs and yellow baseball hats to mark the occasion and launch our Fourth Green Flag – theme Transport/Travel.

A great day was had by children, staff, invited guests, parents and members of the PTA. The PTA generously catered for the Army band, guests and the Green Team from our neighbouring school, Gaelscoil Bhrian Bóroimhe.

A big thank you to all involved in making our unveiling such a memorable day.



Green Team 2013-2014

My name is Bronagh and I am the Green Team Co-coordinator for the school. The Green Team (names below) work on behalf of the whole school and we are in the process of obtaining our third Green Flag – Theme: Water.

The school holds two Green Flags (Themes: Litter and Waste (2009) and Energy (2011)). We use the following Green Codes to help us remember and maintain these flags.

Litter and WasteSimple Wrappings On Really Delicious Sandwiches (S.W.O.R.D.S) and for EnergySave Energy Today Never Stop (S.E.T.N.S).

The children remember to conserve water by saying the pledge – “I pledge to turn OFF the tap when I am brushing my teeth and I can save 5 litres of water”.

The Green Code for our Third Green Flag is We Are Trying to Save Every Raindrop (W.A.T.E.R)!

And remember the simple message from the Green Team is ABC – A for Airtight container, B for Batteries and C for Conserve water and energy!

Green Team 2013










Class Name Teacher
Junior Infants Ruben Murphy and Tom Crossan Deirdre and Eoghan
Senior Infants Dylan Marshall and Freya Givan Eibh and Louise
1st Class Alys Marouze-Keeley and Ava Downey Claire T and Sylvia
2nd Class Rebecca Dwyer and Darragh Jones Mallaidh and Aoife
3rd Class Amy Carter and Senan Noonan Fiona Mc and Teresa
4th Class Louis Bebbington and Aaron Murray Siobhan and Alison
5th Class Kai Mc Gowan and Ella Fitzsimons Margaret and David
6th Class Seán Lawless and Sanda Hincu Bronagh and Claire O’


Our Third Green Flag!


The awarding of our third Green Flag for the theme: Water took place at the Helix on 22nd May 2014.  Pictured here are Deirdre Moffatt (Parent representative), Marie Phelan (SETNS Staff representative), Trish Kennedy (Fingal County Council), and Mark from An Taisce. Congratulations everyone at SETNS!





National SOW Day Wednesday 12th March 2014










The Green Team joined the National SOW Day (scoot on Wednesday) on Wednesday 12th where lots of children scooted to school. This is a Green Schools initiative organized to get everyone scooting to school helping to protect our planet.





December 18th 2013

Green Team with Trish Kennedy, FCC Green Schools Coordinator, November 2013
Green Team with Trish Kennedy, FCC Green Schools Coordinator, November 2013

Season’s Greetings from all on the Green Team.

The application for our Third Green Flag – theme Water has been submitted to An Taisce. They will review the application and together with the feedback from our Assessment visit with Trish Kennedy will inform us in the New Year on the award.

A reminder of the three R’s, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle! No doubt there will be lots of opportunity to put into practice some of these R’s over the holiday period. The lunch box survey (completed last Friday every month) is very encouraging and shows that out of 422 pupils surveyed, 45% had lunches without wrappings! The survey also recorded that the use of tin foil and cling film has reduced by 1% and 2% respectively.

Many thanks for your cooperation in all you do to make the Green Team’s job easier. To conclude the ABC’s are not just for school they can be for home too!! Regards your hard working Green Team



Green Team 2012-2013

Green Schools Award Ceremony

 Green Team Award

March 13th,2012

Mayor of Fingal Gerry Maguire presents our Green Team with a specially commissioned trophy,a €250 cheque for library books and a Certificate of Achievement as Fingal Regional winners of the Go Recycle & Win Competition 2011

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