Traffic Management Guidelines

Guidelines for Traffic Management on Campus


In the interest of pupil safety on the school grounds and campus,parents/guardians are asked to strictly observe the following guidelines at all times:


 On Campus Off campus Morning drop-off All cars set down only on campus

Buses set down and park to drop-off pupils Cars park along kerb or in parking spaces near to old prefabs – observe zebra crossings Home time pick-up No cars on campus

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HSE Leaflet:Hand,Foot and Mouth Disease

Hand,Foot,and Mouth Disease (Coxsackievirus) Fact Sheet

Hand,foot,and mouth disease is caused by one of several types of viruses

Hand,foot,and mouth disease is usually characterised by tiny blisters on the inside of the mouth and the palms of the hands,fingers,and soles of the feet. It is commonly caused by Coxsackievirus A16,and less often by other types of viruses.

Anyone can get hand,foot,and mouth disease

Young children are mainly affected,but it may be seen in adults. Infection is mild and . . . →Read More:HSE Leaflet:Hand,Foot and Mouth Disease

BoM Spring Newsletter

What’s happening in Swords Educate Together?

A new year and a new Board…

The new Board of Management is made up of representatives from across the school community.  Parent Representatives were elected from the PTA Annual General Meeting and the Teacher Representative was nominated by teachers in the school.

This year The Board’s aim is to improve on communications and,with the help of the PTA,a more focused fundraising strategy.

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