E.P.V. Policy

The Board of Management would like all teachers to know that it greatly appreciates teachers dedicating one week of the summer vacation to professional development. It is fully aware that teachers participate on such courses without any financial support from the DES or from the Board of Management. The board is fully aware that all children in the school benefit from teachers’ professional development and that the only personal return for teachers is three E.P.V. days during the academic year.

To ensure the smooth running of the school and to be sensitive to, and supportive of, all teachers in the school, the following sets out the conditions under which individual application to the BoM for E.P.V. day/s will be sanctioned:

  1. As a general rule, applications for E.P.V. days will be sanctioned on a First-Come, First-Served Basis.
  2. All teachers are requested to take one E.P.V. day per term: September to Christmas, Christmas to Easter and Easter to June.
  3. It is preferable that only one teacher at a time is absent on a personal-leave day. This will be reviewed in light of future growth.
  4. All EPV days are to be taken by the third Friday in June. Consideration will be given after this deadline for exceptional circumstances – i.e., funerals, domestic circumstances.
  5. E.P.V. days will not be sanctioned for Sports Days, when there is a general/special event happening in the school or on the day prior to a school break i.e. Mid-Term Breaks, Christmas, Easter and Summer. There may be exceptional or unforeseen circumstances – i.e., funerals, domestic difficulties. The BoM will be guided by compassion in such circumstances.
  6. Depending on the particular nature of a school tour/excursion and the number of staff participating, it will not always be possible to sanction an EPV day on such days. Each request will be decided on in its own right.

Procedure for Applying for E.P.V. Day/s:

  • All E.P.V. days must be sanctioned by the Príomhoide and, in the case of days requested out of policy by the Board of Management where there are exceptional/unforeseen circumstances.
  • For applications for emergency EPV days, a decision may be adjudicated upon by the Príomhoide in consultation with the Board Chairperson.
  • All applications for E.P.V. days should be communicated to the Principal Teacher, by the requesting teacher, prior to the designated BoM meeting.
  • The Teachers’ Representative on the Board of Management will formally apply to the board for all exceptional Teacher E.P.V. days, as necessary, and s/he will communicate the decision of the board to the requesting teacher on the next school day.

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