School Policies


Policy writing is an important and thoughtful process. Swords Educate Together N.S. implement the following key policies for the safe,happy,and ordered administration of the school.

Lengthy deliberation and consultation lie behind each policy.  Where relevant and appropriate,all Parents in the school are consulted and invited to participate before Board of Management ratification.

Please become involved as opportunities come up. Policy writing is about implementing best practice and putting onto paper what we do. The participation of Parents benefits all children.

These policies are in addition to teacher-driven,curricular policy writing,which is ongoing and in line with the implementation of the 1999 Revised Primary Curriculum.


E-Vetting Policy

Facebook Policy

Enrolment Policy

Special Educational Needs Policy

Internet Safety:Acceptable Usage Policy (AUP)

Anti-Bullying Policy

Healthy Eating Policy

PTA After-School Activity Guidelines

School Dress Policy

Policy on Promoting a Multi-Cultural School

Child Protection Policy

Critical Incident Policy

Parental Involvement Policy

Data Protection Policy

Code of Good Professional Practice

Mobile Phone Policy

Science Policy

P.E and Safety Policy

Attendance Policy

English Language Policy

Assessment Policy

Equality of Opportunity Policy

Substance Use Policy

Traffic Management and Parking Policy

Sexual Harrassment,Adult Bullying Policy

Communication Policy

Safety Statement

Administration of Medicines Policy

Code of Positive Behaviour

Homework Policy